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How can the use of new technology in industry benefit producers? – sbmmoz

Now; How can the use of new technology in industry benefit producers?

The impulse in the increase in the use of them in industrial environments seems, despite this, that it still has not enough force.

Perhaps due to the lack of experience in the integration of this type of technologies by companies dedicated to the automation of systems, more focused on systems and traditional forms of work in the hands of large manufacturers anchored in a recent past and that, clearly, you should adapt your forms and methods.

use of new technology in industry benefit producers

The use of new technologies in the industry:

Implementing the use of ICT technologies in the industry would help achieve greater productive and organizational control, improving the quality of the processes and the product, with a clear decrease in associated costs.

• Better management of human resources.

• Extension of the potential market (electronic commerce).

• The decrease in logistics costs.

• Development of innovations in services and responses to consumer needs.

The use of new technologies in the industry:

With all this, the change of technology in a company or in any place always envisages a great challenge, since it generates in the human resource something very well-known called resistance to the change; This is a fear caused towards what is considered as unknown or new within the usual process handled. We must, therefore, understand these changes not as such, but as a progress that will allow us to face and face new and different challenges in this globalized environment.

The development of apps in industrial environments is, therefore, in our view, more than a reality. It is the future that has already arrived. It is the new way of understanding systems, which in our everyday life becomes palpable and which, as system integrators, we must try to bring to our professional work environment.