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Grand Chase Guide For Android and iOS

Get Best Grand Chase Guide For Android and iOS:

Welcome to our GrandChase guide, where we will reveal all the secrets of Kog’s RPG for Android and iOS phones.

Grand Chase Guide – Introduction:

Grand Chase Guide

You can choose up to 4 characters and 3 combat skills. The characters attack automatically, but you have control over their movements and abilities.

In the tutorial, you can learn a lot about how to play, improve skills, edit the team, improve the characters and much more. So we recommend you pay attention. But any doubt, both the tutorial and the game, will be resolved in this guide:

In general, we recommend that you focus on your best characters. Disarmed, promote them, evolve and awaken.

Now we explain how everything is done, but focus your efforts.

Grand Chase Guide – Characters


You have several types of characters, and we sort them according to how close they have to be to the first line:

  • Tank: Defensive and alive character, who stands in front and protects the rest
  • Assault: Melee Attacker
  • Range: Attacker who can hit from a distance
  • Magician: Attacker varied, but weak in the melee and with support skills in general
  • Curator: It is a healing support that you must protect to cure the team periodically

We recommend that you always have: 1 Tank, 1 melee attacker 1 attacker (can be a magician) of rank and 1 healer.


The weirder the better, and we order you the oddities from most to least:

  • MR
  • S
  • R
  • TO
  • B

Obviously, although it costs to get them, you are interested in S and SR. And do not waste time progressing with a B or A

Get characters

The main method is an invocation, and you have three options:

  • Premium Invocation: Requires premium hero ticket
  • Invocation of rare heroes: Requires gems
  • Monster cards: Requires gems


When you start playing you will have 10 premium invoice tickets, with which you can get heroes of 4 stars and rank S or A. You can get more in missions and completing achievements

Grand Chase Guide – Skills

In combat, down in the center, there will be a circle icon, which is the team’s skill. And you can activate 3 skills: Team Skill, Passive and Defensive. You can upload them, improve them or search for new ones and equip them.

In the team option on the main screen, enter the attack tab, on the left. For the spaces of the characters, there will be skill spaces, click here and you can add new ones.

In the skills research tab, click on the skill icons. There you can improve them, and if you increase in level, new ones will appear.

Grand Chase Guide – Power

There are several ways to increase the power of heroes:

To train

In the team section, go train heroes. There you can investigate and increase the statistics of each hero. Of course, it requires a Blessing of Courage, a jewel. And you can get Blessing of Valor in story missions, adventure mode screens, tower heroes mode and in the store

Equip weapons, armor, and accessories

You will find or obtain weapons, armor, and accessories for all game modes. Although you do not forget to improve them since they will increase even more the power of the hero to which you equip them

To get better

It is done from the team menu, manage, grow hero and improve. There you can use heroes to improve other heroes, although those you use will lose them


When you reach the maximum level you can evolve the hero. Requires evolution stones, which can be achieved by daily defense mode, completing adventure mode screens, history missions, etc.

Promote and Awakening

After evolving, from prestige

Grand Chase Guide – Miscellaneous

Several concepts that will be useful to know:

  • Honor points: for victories in PvP, you can use them in the store
  • Guild Points: Of course you must enter a guild, and then complete the missions of the same
  • Evostone: To evolve heroes, you get by playing Daily Defense
  • Accessories: By Dimensional Boss Mode
  • Jewels and heroes for Awakening: For playing Hero’s Tower

Grand Chase Guide – Tips and Tricks

1- Start with adventure mode: There are many rewards for completing sets of screens. You can get evostones and even a character S rank for free. When you have completed them, repeat them for experience, gold, and weapons.

2- Develop only the best heroes: You will see that it takes time and consumes many resources. Gold and gems are limited to go for all the heroes, so focus on the S and SR.

3- Balanced team: As we commented, 1 Tank, 1 attacker melee 1 attacker (can be a magician) of rank and 1 healer.

4- Train every day

5- Daily missions and rewards: You will see them from the main screen, below. There are many gems and evostones to get daily

6- The skills take time to regenerate, so use them at the appropriate time

7- Summon daily: You have a rare invocation for free every day