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Darksiders 3 Analysis: The return of the saga for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Darksiders 3 Analysis – The return of the saga for PS4, Xbox One and PC:

We had to wait six years for the return of Darksiders, but the saga returns in style with Darksiders 3, a new installment starring Furia that focuses more on the action and fighting, but without forgetting everything that makes it so special to this saga.

Six years have passed since the launch of Darksiders 2. Six years in which the future of the saga created by Vigil Games has been uncertain at times, with the closure of the study that threatened to leave unfinished a saga like this.

But four are the riders, and two games are not enough to tell their story, which is why from Gunfire Games and THQ Nordic bring us this Darksiders 3, the third chapter of his apocalyptic saga in which we will play a new rider, not It is other than Fury.

War, Death and … Fury

Darksiders 3 takes place after the start of the first Darksiders, with our friend War apprehended for a change, and our world in a rather deplorable state. It is at this moment that the Abrasive Council entrusts Furia with an important mission: it must travel to Earth to capture the Seven Deadly Sins and help restore the balance between the kingdoms.

This is not a simple task, and in the past, it required the four horsemen together to carry it out, but since not all are available, it is Furia’s turn to prove their worth.

Darksiders 3 Analysis

Even so, Furia will not be alone at all in its mission. Since the Council is not very trusting of the people, Furia will be accompanied by a Vigilante throughout the mission, a company that becomes one of the main pillars of the adventure.

Where Furia is a stubborn, haughty and a little ambitious person (in addition to furious, for obvious reasons), her Vigilante is more ladino, with a somewhat sarcastic personality, that does not hesitate to antagonize the Fury itself and sometimes gives rise to Certainly fun exchanges.