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Fortnite users create Call of Duty and CSGO maps with Creative Mode

Fortnite users create Call of Duty and CSGO maps with Creative Mode:

The Creative Mode has already begun to bear fruit at Fortnite and users have been using it to replicate classic maps of titles such as Call of Duty or Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Do not miss them!

Fortnite users create Call of Duty and CSGO maps with Creative Mode

The latest update of Fortnite brought with it the arrival of the Creative Mode as the main novelty. Thanks to this mode, users of the Epic Games title can create their own maps, mini-games, and videos without any other concern than to attend to the details of creation and many have already set to work. Therefore, today we want to show you some of these creations of Fortnite users, who have taken advantage of the Creative Mode to replicate classic Call of Duty and CSGO maps.

The first of the maps created by Fortnite users with the Creative Mode that we want to show you is one of the most popular in the Activision saga of action: Nuketown! This map has appeared in numerous titles of the Call of Duty saga and is always one of the most voted by the players to dispute clashes. Now, thanks to the XFitJesus users, we can now explore Nuketown in Fortnite from its Isla del Modo Creativo.

We continue with another COD classic. This time it is the Rust map, one of the most remembered of that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. On this occasion, it was the FortniteForge user of YouTube who used the Fortnite Creative Mode to replicate this classic map in which clashes with sniper rifles were the real protagonists.

Finally, we speak of creating user 25thelevelofirony forums Reddit, which has taken the arrival of Creative Mode Fortnite to build the classic map Cache of Counter-Strike Global Offensive with elements of game Epic Games. One of the most popular maps of CSGO that can be enjoyed in Fortnite from the island of this user.