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What to recycle in Last Day on Earth?

What to recycle in Last Day on Earth?

We explain how to recycle in Last Day on Earth, what are the most interesting objects for recycling and what materials you can get.

Then we will explain everything about recycling and we will tell you the most interesting objects to recycle:

What to recycle in Last Day on Earth

Recycling in Last Day on Earth – Recycler

To unlock the plane we need the following materials due to difficulty:

  • 3 oak planks
  • 8 iron plates
  • 5 aluminum bars
  • 10 pieces of rubber
  • 20 screws
  • 1 light bulb

So it’s an easy construction to get. The only thing that has some complexity is the oak, but there are only three pieces. Get Last Day On Earth Tips, + Cheats

Recycle in Last Day on Earth – How does it work?

We interact with the recycler and we open the screen to recycle, where we have:

  • Place object: It is the circular space that is above and is where we have to place the object that we want to recycle.
  • 3 spaces below: It will give us 1 to 3 recycling options. That is, the object that we place above can be converted into one of the 3 objects below. We will see that next to each object there is a percentage, which is the possibilities we have of getting each object.

Normally the most interesting objects have a low percentage of success. But there is a way to raise this percentage, and it is recycling everything we can. Each time we recycle we will raise a green bar and the larger the green bar, the higher the percentages of rare or infrequent objects.

Recycling in Last Day on Earth – What to recycle?

There are many objects and many that do not contribute anything recycling. So we are going to focus only on how to get the most interesting resources:

  • Steel : Many unusable objects like the saw, the spanner, the cans, sensors
  • Electronic circuits : Amplifier, pen drive, mobile or cell
  • High-tech components : Amplifier, sensors, mobile or cellular, camera
  • Copper : Watch, batteries, camera
  • Plastic : Padlocks, pen drive, camera, mobile or cell phone, paddle
  • Turret parts : Minigun

And many objects with which although we will not get great things, thanks to recycling are clearly revalued:

  • Weapons : We do not recommend recycling weapons, but when they are close to being consumed recíclalas. You will obtain pieces with which to re-manufacture them.